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Music is something we all love. If we can make our own music and are lucky enough to learn how to play blues guitar then we are twice blessed. We are all searching for ways we can feel more fulfilled, and we can better connect with people. If we can share an interest and create a bond when we play blues guitar not only are we building our musical skills we are creating great relationships along the way.

We all want to spend more time with our kids or with our buddies. What better way to spend this valuable time than if we play blues guitar together? When we create awesome music together we are far more likely to bond and just enjoy hanging out together. How many Dads would have loved the opportunity just to hang out with their kids in a relaxed manner and play the blues guitar? Both dreams would be discovered. The Dad would have the opportunity to be “cool” even for a limited amount of time and the kids will have Dad all to themselves and show off their better music skills!

Learning how to play blues guitar is like learning how to ride a bike. You need to know exactly what your hands are expected to do and how to hold your body on the bike. The same can be said for guitar lessons. Take a look at these top tips to get you up and running;

• Playing blues guitar you need to make sure your fingers are placed in the right place and your strumming technique creates that perfect blues guitar sound
• Blues guitar means you have to get the rhythm to make that special blues sound. This requires learning the technique so you can apply the rules that make the blues sound
• Blues guitar playing takes a certain amount of confidence. Don’t be afraid to try a chord progression or a slide that will show you just how far you have come
• Learning the tabs is an important part of playing blues guitar. If you want to play like the greats like Eric Clapton you learn the vital style of the blues guitar

Blues guitar lessons will all show you the chords, chords progressions and so on. What unique blues guitar lessons will do is show you how you can learn all these skills quicker. Applying your precious time to powerful lessons that teach a higher caliber of skills is both extremely satisfying and thrilling.

The powerful lessons will feel unreal, and you will look at yourself as if you are having an out of body experience, except it is your body and your skills that know how to play blues guitar.

Claude Johnson, creator of has a library full of powerful blues guitar lessons that will skyrocket your talent. Learning each chapter will make the learning process flow naturally so from start to finish you can learn how to play blues guitar the easy and funky way. Walking alongside a set of lessons that guide you through all the skills you need, playing blues guitar is an opportunity not to miss.


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