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The art of playing the blues can be taught. Not every legendary blues guitarist was after fame and fortune. Their biggest want to play blues was even more fulfilling. The money and fame was just a by-product of playing the blues so well. Following all the rules wasnít really their thing, and if they had followed all the rules then their talent would never have been on display.

Famous musicians like Buddy Guy who played the blues in the 1950ís influenced greats like Jimi Hendrix to become even more famous. Buddy was one of the first to take the guitar and play the blues behind his back, and even Jimi admitted he borrowed this from him. Musicians are influenced by other sounds and greatly appreciate every lesson they learn. How to play blues guitar has to be appreciated. There has to be some compromise made to learn to play the blues.

Struggling with giving up something to learn to play the guitar has to be addressed. If time is short, and life is too busy analyze what can be substituted to make time. If money is short, spend time and not money on doing research and finding affordable ways to learn the guitar. Too many people make too many excuses about what they canít do and have to learn to focus on what can be achieved. People who want to play blues struggle with knowing where to start, it can be very overwhelming.

For those adrenalin junkies hooked on a challenge to learn to play the blues this is exactly the right formula. Any one can play the blues if they want it enough. There are a number of easy numbers to start. Accomplishing small steps keeps learning focused. Starting with a simple riff kicks start the love of learning. Want to play blues? Well get started then!

• Learn all about riffs, and chord progressions that will be familiar and heard in some of the most famous blues tunes around. There are ways to accomplish this within days!

• There are some real easy tricks to learn that will feel like magic. The same way we are blown away by magicians and then they show us how itís done is the same for simple blues guitar lessons

• Once the basics are learnt creating all sorts of variations and complex sounds will be like a gift

• Learning how to understand how all the chords work will help you create simple majestic blues textures.

• Once you have learnt the simplest ways to play the blues they never leave you

The first step is because of the want to play blues. This want quickly turns to a need. The energy and time spent learning blues guitar will bring about a genuine epiphany. Wishing you had started earlier will be part of that mind blowing thought.


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Claude Johnson helps people learn the entire cook licks, all those chord progressions and riffs connected to awesome, smoking hot blues sounds. Want to play blues? There are some easy, simple, techniques and tools that can get you started today! So grab your guitar, and lets make sure the thrill never goes'!!


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