• Learn to play "Texas" style blues riffs. This will give you that deep, lowdown dirty blues sound used by everyone from Lightnin' Hopkins to Stevie Ray Vaughan. See 44:01).

By the way, DVD 1 is just the "appetizer". DVD 2 is where the action really starts and will bring your blues playing to another dimension...

These DVDs are so jam-packed with killer blues riffs, and cool concepts and examples, that I only have time to describe some of them here.

Here's some of these juicy secrets that you'll learn on DVD 2:

  • How to create endless variations and complex sounds in a single chord. This lets you explore your blues creativity. (See Disc 2, 3:45)
  • Are you a Clapton fan? I'll show you how to get an instant "Claptonesque" blues vibe by playing these simple licks over a major chord. (Disc 2, 4:06)

  • I'll show you a lick that will expand your control over the root position pentatonic scale. This is the easiest way to get your bluesy lead chops happening... (Disc 2, 4:30)
  • Learn to play "crunchy" double stop harmony licks that sound great by themselves or you can combine them with shuffle patterns to create totally rockin' blues riffs. (at 7:03)
  • Learn how to play a whole variety of cool blues licks based on the 3rd of the IV chord. It sounds complex, but it's not hard to play once you learn it. (It's at 7:56).

How make simple licks like descending down a pentatonic scale sound good. You need to know how to properly combine this with the rhythm! Plus a cool trick blues masters have been using for years to kick off this kind of riff in style... See Example 12 at 9:15.

  • How blues guitarists add "quarter note" bends and in various licks to get that classic blues sound. Get the inside scoop on this technique at 10:08.
  • Create simple and majestic blues textures from 3-note voicings picked on the D,G, and B strings. These voicings not only sound great but your understanding of chords will improve. (at 10:57)
  • Impress yourself with "Piano voicing" blues chords... With these unique, advanced fingerings, you can play riffs that would be normally impossible. You'll see what I'm talking about at 13 minutes into the second disc.
  • Cool pentatonic licks combined with shuffle patterns in one seamless rhythm - See examples 17 and 18 at around 14:00...

Yes, harmonization is a key to creating full sounding blues rhythms with just your one guitar.

The basic idea is to slide up and down the neck across several strings, staying within the key. In DVD 2, I show you a TON of harmonization licks, patterns, and ideas. For example...

  • How to write harmonization licks around an E7 chord. Plus, learn several additional techniques you can combine with harmonization licks to add flavor to your sound. Check out this small example...

Of course, you'll get detailed tabs of this example,
plus every other example that's included in this package.

  • Discover a whole slew of ways to use harmonization patterns. Use them with partial chords, with inverted chords, or other key blues licks. There's a TON of examples (too many to list here) from 20:00 to 25:00 on disc 2!
  • MORE harmonization... you'll see how to create all kinds of slick "voice leading chordal moves" that sound incredible. You have to check this out at 27:01...
  • Using the open high "E" for a Texas drone blues... Stevie Ray would approve of this lick at 27:35!
  • VERY simple, yet highly melodic single note riffs, made from just a few notes.... There's hundreds of great examples, and I'll also show you how to get even more mileage from these simple licks by adding chord tones. Pay attention at 28:45.

  • You'll love example 47... It's a super-funky (but easy to play) riff that you might recognize from classic blues jams. (29:50)
  • What every blues guitarist should know when it comes time to playing the I-IV change... This secret can make your blues solos sound better overnight... (30:22)
  • The perfect blues shuffle/walking bass combination riff. Guaranteed fun playing this one, See 31:00.
  • Check out the "Classic descending blues riff"... ( at 31:34) It's another essential riff every serious blues guitarist knows.
  • It gets even spicier as we add more "blue-note" variations and major chords on top of our classic blues walkdown... (at 33:08)
  • How to combine blues basslines with minor blues. The technique is shown at 34:00...

I'll show you several ways you can use these hot chord voicings and combine them with funky blues riffs. I promise you'll dig the sounds. ALso:

  • How to play sliding licks on the D and B strings. This is a technique used in the classic blues song "Stormy Monday" (See 43:44)
  • And tons more crunchy riffs , patterns, and knowledge...

Then it gets even better as I break out the Electric Guitar. I mean, seriously folks...

Wailing a sweet blues solo on an electric guitar is one of the coolest feelings in the world. Let me dive into this with you!

I'll show you how to play some truly "smokin" blues licks and solos using simple concepts.

And I'll make it fun, easy, and inspiring. More importantly, YOU'LL be the one cranking out soulful sounds from your amp... Just follow the instructional DVD and the included tabs...

I'll show you how easy it is to play smokin' leads using a wide variety of technqiues and strategies, like --

  • All the essential electric guitar techniques likes bends, vibrato, etc... (pay attention at 52:49)
  • How to throw in some wild "legato" licks to wrap up a blues shuffle (At 53:52)
  • How to break out of the pentatonic scale for more interesting licks (Watch closely at 55:22)
  • How to play arpeggios and really make your solos smoke. (See 56:00)

Of course, you'll get detailed tabs of this example,
plus every other example that's included in this package.

  • A super cool lead guitar turnaround that will challenge your sense of phrasing. (It's at 56:40)
  • How to add passing tones to your leads. This gives your playing variety, flavor, and style (At 57:45)
  • How to solo over a minor blues with intense heart and soul (at 1:01:30)
  • How to "jump" all over the neck and command the fretboard like the pros. (watch 1:03:00)
  • A variety of "classic" lead blues licks that will give you an instant blues vocabulary you can use to play a solid blues solo anytime you want. (at 1:04:00)

If you like the intense bluesy lead styles of Eric Clapton or Albert King then you'll love these smokin' examples with tabs. You'll be wailing like an inspired blues veteran. Here's more killer techniques that will be revealed to you:

  • How to creating "rolling notes" (a favorite technique of Hendrix and Stevie Ray) (see 1:12:15)
  • The art of riffing between the vocals - something every serious bluesman knows how to do... (At 1:14:05)

I wrap up the second DVD with a cool section on turnarounds.

A "turn around" is the last 4 bars of a blues progression, and it's where you can make things really swing and sizzle, whether you're playing a sweet acoustic riff or wailing on an electric blues guitar solo...

In this section, I show you several of the most useful turnarounds and how you can adapt them to any blues song.

And we're still not done. There's a third DVD! On this disc, you'll discover how to...

Yes, I'll even teach you the basics of the sophisticated country-blues style that lets you playing two parts, (or even three parts) at the same time. You'll love the way I make it super simple here. Get ready to learn...

  • The "Texas" sliding partial chord technique
  • How to use an alternating bass with your riffs (7:01, Disc 3)
  • How to combine melody lines, blues chords, and a bassline into a world class blues guitar riff (at 8:03)
  • Learn How Country Blues songs go beyond the basic, ordinary blues progression. This will greatly expand your songwriting abilities and give you tons of ideas (9:07)
  • Start playing authentic country blues licks. Learn how these riffs are constructed. (watch 9:27)
  • Plus, how to create your own country blues patterns (See 10:02)
  • Discover how to add triplet licks within a country blues (at 11:12) plus many, many other blues secrets

such as:

  • "Forgotten" blues chords that use open strings for a very raw and powerful sound... (at 13:50)
  • How to play a "drone" blues. This gives you an incredible harmony yet its super easy to play (See 14:40)
  • How to play spicy jazz voicings (sometimes called "fat chords") in a blues progression (Learn them at 18:21)

There will be no stopping your blues power after watching these DVDs. These potent lessons continue with another section here on lead guitar. I'll give you...

  • How to Play string skipping licks that sound natural and also improve your chops(See 21:18, disc 3)
  • Learn tons of essential licks starting on each degree of the pentatonic scale. It's more awesome ammo to fuel your barrage of blues riffs and licks (At 28:25)
  • Intense blues riffs based on "scale sequencing" - a favorite trick of Jimmy Page and Gary Moore. (34:23)

Also, you'll learn some cool phrasing tricks and subtleties like throwing in some "wild slides" before wailing out on a blues lick.

Oh, and there's ANOTHER 30 minute final section on these DVDs that you're going to love:

This last section of the DVD is great because you're going to learn some signature S.R.V. licks and many of them are great to help build up your speed. In fact, I think Stevie Ray is one of the most important blues guitarists to listen to and study. With this in mind, I spent almost 30 minutes going over dozens of examples where I decode some of my most favorite S.R.V. licks and solos.

This course is a wild blues journey from start to finish, my friend. In fact, there's not enough room here to describe everything in the videos. You name it, I teach it. Slide guitar? Freddie King licks? Tapping? Yes, yes, and yes!

Claude Johnson with '79 Strat
Playing Blues at the Hard Rock Cafe
1999, Philadelphia.

You could spend years looking through blues books and magazines and still not discover a fraction of the secrets I've compiled for you here, all in one place. If you love the blues, it's insane not to grab this monster collection of knowledge that includes blues progressions, riffs, licks, harmonizations, turn-arounds, theory, and much more.

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You are getting all 245 examples on this DVD set tabbed out for you. The instruction is pretty clear even without the tabs, but I think you will really appreciate having them available, especially for the faster licks.

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